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Chernomorsk (Ilyichevsk)

Chernomorsk (Ilyichevsk) is located in the south of Ukraine, on the Black Sea coast, 20 km from Odessa. Its population is more than 70 000 people. Ilyichevsk City is the largest trading port in Ukraine, a large fishing port and the base of the fishing fleet under the name "Antarctica", as well as industrial and engineering center.

Ильичевск порт

Chernomorska map is divided into two clear areas: industrial, located along the banks of the estuary, and the living, stretching along the coast. The main industrial area of the object - Illichivsk Commercial Sea Port. Divide the area wide strip of green areas, covering an area of over 325 hectares. Maritime urban area is well equipped for living and recreation. There are parks, tourist attractions, beaches, water station, numerous recreation.

Ilyichevsk - developing resort. In the city a lot of attention is paid to leisure and recreation. Stretching for 12 kilometers along the sea beaches are kept clean and tidy. The city is compact designed and user-friendly. Transport interchanges interconnected shopping centers, recreational facilities and residential areas. It facilitates the flow of tourists in the summer season, which lasts from May to October. During this period, the population of Ilyichevsk almost tripled. In the city of more than 50 cafés, 3 large shopping center consumer goods, electronics, supermarkets, many small shops. Transport connection with Odessa allows less than an hour to be in the noisy bustle of a large city, and then come back into the atmosphere regularity and peace.

May 20, 2011 on the public beach Blue Flag was raised as a symbol of obtaining an international certificate of environmental quality of the beaches. Blue flag flying on the shores of the most famous resorts in the world. This year, the city beach joined the list of certificate holders environmental quality. This suggests that the coastal zone meets all the standards of improvement, service and cleanliness. Beach Iljichiovsk only in Ukraine, received the Blue Flag, and is municipal.

Ильичевск пляж

By area, parks, green areas per inhabitant Illichivsk is one of the first places among the cities of the South of Ukraine. City Ilichevsk formed under a single development plan, has quite a modern layout with a clear functional zoning, which fully underscores its youth and future development.

Chernomorsk connected with the general network of motorways area roads that about Velikodolinskoe village located on the highway Odessa-Inflow-Belgorod-Dniester, Renee, and through the village of Sukhoi Liman at the ring road of Odessa, which crosses the highways Odessa-Beacons-Reni, Odessa, Kiev, Odessa-Nikolaev, Odessa-Chisinau. City bus station serves about 1.5 million passengers a year, most of which creates a flow of 10 key routes. The city network of radio taxi is highly developed.

Rest in Chernomorsk.

As sometimes you just want a break from the bustle, enjoy yourself on the beach and not think about nothing. Suggest a vacation can only Ilyichevsk.

Rest in Chernomorsk is primarily a mixed medical steppe and sea air, warm sea with a gentle, velvety sand and gentle warming, but not scorching sun. Coming to rest in Ilyichevsk city guests forget about everyday problems. Amazing city with green parks and walkways, a large number of big and small fountains, and its pink flower beds once famous throughout the country. Hundreds of tourists come to rest in Ilyichevsk only because of its wonderful climate and its cozy atmosphere.

Ильичевск яхт-клуб

Rest in Chernomorsk treats not only the soul but also the body, the healing properties of sand widely used in peskolechenie, it is the most pleasant treatment which could only come up with nature.

Modern Chernomorsk can offer its guests not only the successor of the Soviet and portovskogo past Seaman hotel and several modern hotels - Snow Queen, Nick, Elite Tennis Club, Robin-Bobin, the infrastructure develops, the number and quality of hotels, lodges, private appartametov growing .

Ilyichevsk offers modern and high quality restaurants, clubs - Metropolis, Edelweiss, At the fountain, The Snow Queen, Elite Tennis Club, Robin-Bobin, a yacht club, a tennis sports complex Elite Tennis Club with 5 outdoor and indoor courts. Modern clinic Into-Sana also at your disposal.

Chernomorsk very clean and well kept city, is rich in park areas, a good environment, fresh air, clean sea. The beaches are equipped with everything necessary for a comfortable stay, and those who want to actively relax on the beach there are tennis and volleyball courts. Do travelers have the opportunity to make boat trips on water scooters, bikes and boats.

After sunbathing in the evening guests can enjoy the many cafes and bars, working recently renovated and equipped with all the modern requirements of a cinema. Young people will not be bored because at the seaside a few disco clubs.

Ресторан Эдельвейс

Going out in the evening just before going to sleep walk, the city will surprise its illuminations, thousands of bright lights lights night Ilyichevsk, on the tops of trees and park of firs. And in order to diversify the cultural life can visit the museum of porcelain, which is considered one of the most unique museums in Ukraine. The museums collection includes porcelain ages 18-19 plants in Ukraine and Russia.

One big advantage is that the rest of Ilyichevsk for a lot cheaper, but not much inferior to the quality of recreation in larger resort towns.

After resting in Chernomorsk once, Youre a fan of his for the rest of his life.